It is with great pleasure that we can announce that work on the long-planned and -anticipated 3G Astroturf Project is set to commence at the beginning of May, 2024, with completion by the end of the second week of June. The current hardcourt area of the premises will be converted to a 3G training facility complete with spectator area. It will retain its current floodlighting, making it usable all year round. 

Chilcompton Sports Charity, set up in 1997 to provide sporting and recreation facilities for the village of Chilcompton and the surrounding area, has been investigating and developing plans for a new 3G pitch in place of the current, aged and in-need-of-repair, tennis courts on our site in Chilcompton for the past few years.

The rapidly increasing size of the youth football club has accelerated our need for our own mid-week training venue and this, along with the decline in use of the space by other sports, has made the decision to proceed with this investment easier. External 3G venues have been used at considerable cost to the football club for training purposes to ensure continuity of participation for all age groups, but this detracts from the culture of the ‘one-club’ philosophy that binds us all together and takes children off-site.

With the creation of a 3G pitch that will be available throughout the year, Chilcompton Sports youth football club of some 250 members, alongside the adult teams, will be able to train every week. Additional community and sporting activities can also take place, such as walking football, five-a-side football training, matches and tournaments and other sports’ training. It will not only provide excellent training facilities and opportunities for current club members, but a chance for the charity to hire it out and derive further income to meet other exciting challenges and opportunities in the future. At this point we welcome enquiries from any other sporting group or community interest to begin hiring this invaluable asset from as early as the end of June 2024.

Chilcompton Sports has been working hard to acquire the best and most appropriate designs of, and source the funding for (the majority of which we now have), a quality pitch that will address the club’s needs through the coming decades. However, despite the extraordinary generosity of people who have so kindly donated to the GoFundMe page and contributed their time to organise fund-raising events where exceptional amounts of money have been raised, we still need additional funds to meet our target requirement. This, we hope, will be met – in part or wholly – through the generosity of charitable grant donations. We also seek as much support as possible from the community as a whole to help us meet the current shortfall and avoid costly interest charges on any further loans we may need to complete the work.

Chilcompton Sports Football Club is extremely fortunate to have a wealth of invaluable voluntary parent support, with many dedicating hours of their time, obtaining coaching and child welfare qualifications, training the children and organising match-play in all winds and weathers, as well as those who help in a variety of ways on the side-lines or raise considerable funds through charitable events. This 3G installation will provide a better environment for them all, both the club, volunteers and the wider community, and each of us involved in creating this project would be grateful for even the smallest of contributions.

From the club and all our teams we thank you for any help you are able to give.